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- inlays and decoration Swarovski crystals and precious stones.
- constriction of the skin in auto showrooms. calf leather, crocodile, iguana, ostrich, shark, mink, sable etc.
- gilding, coating of gold, platinum, palladium, silver... rims, grills, logos, labels etc.
- airbrush and art painting automobile, motorcycles and accessories.
- manufacturer of luxury trinkets, usb flash drives, key chains, alarms etc.
- repair, restoration and restyling of any cars, moto and accessories.
- interior rare varieties of wood. mahogany, blackwood, amaranth, karellian birch...
- manufacture of covers on the steering wheel, gear box, chair of the exotic types of leather and fur
- laser and hand engraving and milling, coating varnishes, hot and cold enamel.

Luxury Car Tuning Customizing MJ Edition - Swarovski and Diamonds - Mercedes Brilliant SL 500

Bentley handle transmissions in genuine leather, white gold and diamonds. MJ Luxury Edition

Gold Rims & Accessories. Real Gold, 24kt Gilding

Golden Car. Matte gold. Inlay Swarovski Austrian Crystal. Airbrush and laser engraving.

Luxury Tuning Logo Infiniti Inlaid Crystal Swarovski or Diamonds for Individual Order

Golden Auto. 24kt Gold Plated

Customizing Auto Tuning Real Strass Swarovski

Platinum Rims Inlaid Diamonds. Customize Infiniti

Auto USB Flash Drive Keyring. Only Private Order. Only Handmade. Only for Trademark Owner.
Case from Solid Gold 750, 18kt, USB Flash Drive 3.0, 64gb, 16gb, 2gb

Golden Logotype Audi. Handmade Incrustation Unique Cut Diamonds. Solid Gold 777

Radio Locker with Auto Key Swarovski Edition. Handmade Tuning for All Models
Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, Nisan, Honda, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Rolls Royce, Ford, Range Rover, Toyota...

Handmade Incrustation Crystal Swarovski.
For VIP incrustation only gems - diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies.

Car interior trim exotic species of fur and leather. MJ Handmade Tuning

Car interior trim exotic species of fur and leather. MJ Handmade Tuning. Pink Calf Skin and Pink Swarovski

Car interior exotic genuine leather. MJ Handmade Tuning. Shark & Stingray Skin

Car interior exotic genuine leather. MJ Handmade Tuning. Ostrich & Crocodile Skin





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